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About Alfie & Hetty

About Alfie & Hetty

The Alfie & Hetty Story

In honour of the two friends that lived side by side in our venue’s heritage terraces we are keen to learn more about our two namesakes – the era where Sydney’s inner west was home to the many blue collar workers who kept Sydney in good stead during and just after the second world war.

Alfie a notorious young stand-over man (or so the legend goes) and Hetty a mature widow who lost her only son in the war and spent her days toiling after the locals and keeping an eye on young Alfie.

A possible representation of Alfie

Alfie who lived in 209 from 1921, was known to be the right hand man of the gangster, and in charge of the Speakeasy which he ran upstairs of his house.  Hetty was known to the locals as as a sincere and caring member of society who lived at 207 until her passing in 1925 awaiting the return of her son who was lost in WWI.   Hetty was an institution to her neighbours and the community for being a caring and gregarious woman who loved to cook for the locals.

Hetty was especially known for her Sunday roasts. Two people who once lived side by side in the 1920‘s has created such rich history and inspired our venue right own to our roasts.  We welcome locals and those afar, to enjoy the buildings original framework, with rustic elements and roaring 1920‘s feel of home styled dining.









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